For so many people, living luxuriously means spending stacks of money on material items that sooner or later depreciate. While for others, it is a state of mind, a lifestyle choice. Want to know how you can treat yourself to luxury without the price tag attached to it?

Inexpensive Indulgences

Let's be very clear here. Inexpensive does not equal cheap. You do not want to buy cheap products because you will ultimately end up squandering your money instead of saving it. Inexpensive products, however, can still feel luxurious. Splurge on make-up at your local pharmacy instead of the beauty supply store. Drug stores carry trustworthy brands that won't break the bank and still look great on your skin.

Another inexpensive delight that still makes you feel luxurious is shopping at consignment stores. They usually have hidden treasures if you take the time to look. Many celebrities swear by thrift shops to help them fill out their wardrobes, after all.

Online consignment shops can be another viable option, but it's best to work with reputable companies. So, do your research before giving up the credit card information.

Home Spa treatments

There is no need to go to a lavish spa when you can give yourself the same luxurious treatments from the comfort of your home. The next time you want some pampering, schedule an at-home spa day. Stock up on all the essentials like nail polish, bath bombs, masks, delicious treats, and a bottle of wine. Then turn off the phone and indulge in a spa day at home

Splurge on at-home devices so you can give yourself anti-aging facials and body treatments just like in the high-end salons. Leave your skin feeling silky smooth by removing all unwanted body hair - just check out the slew of positive home laser hair removal reviews to get a sense of what you're missing out on.

Silk'n hair removal devices are great to use because they do not irritate your skin as shaving does. Also, it's painless, unlike waxing. It's also incredibly convenient to use while you enjoy other activities. Nothing is more luxurious than catching up on your favorite Amazon Prime show, or chatting with girlfriends, all while giving yourself a treatment.

Free Experiences

The arts have always been regarded as belonging to the upper echelon of society. Yet, what many don't realize is that there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the arts without it consuming your budget. First, it is customary for theatre companies to present Sunday matinee shows, which traditionally have lower-priced tickets than evening performances. 

If you are enamored with the arts, it would be worthwhile to purchase season tickets. In the long-run, you'll end up spending less money than if you had purchased tickets for each show.

Me Time

What can be more luxurious than indulging in some me time? For whatever set amount of time you have, do not tend to responsibilities, to-do lists, or obligations. You are allowed to be utterly and totally selfish with your time and how you spend it once in awhile.

Go to that dance class you've been putting off. Take those motorcycle lessons you never told a soul about. At the end of the day, there is nothing more luxurious than your freedom.