The United Kingdom is one of most beautiful places in the world; one can say that the Kingdom explains the worth of this world to its people. People from all over the world all their lives trying to find opportunities to shift and settle in the United Kingdom. 

The United Kingdom is said to be one of the most well-reputed places in the world and not long before the British government faced many problems in facilitating the people who were coming over for education, business, and purposes. And the people who come here to the UK, the main problem they face is to find someone who is renting their property to these foreigners. 

Residential Problems!

This was because of new work opportunities and less residential places in the country. As the British parliament and cabinet did not approve of selling out their land to foreign people, they with the consent of Her Royal majesty started new projects for local and foreign people residencies. They took the idea of large blocks with individual flats system from China and implemented it in Scotland in the early stages. As many foreign people were full of renting fledge houses from other countries, so the people coming from the rural areas of Scotland had to suffer a lot because of this reason.

The Duke's Proposal and his role in development!

His Royal Highness Prince Phillips, the Duke of Edinburgh, had a great attachment to Scotland throughout his life. He is the commander of the British Royal Navy had also worked for it before his marriage to the daughter of the King. The Prince has till date a great attachment for the sea, and it is one of his many grievances of the past that he had to spend his life away from the sea due to political and royal pressure. So the Duke insisted his wife the current Queen to develop seaports in all over Scotland as he was a brilliant navy officer and he knew this would bring a lot of boost to the dying economy of Britain in the late 1960s after their war with Egypt. His proposal was accepted, and the parliament approved of it. He himself looked over many projects related to the ports until his recent retirement.

Effects On Economy and On Immigrants!

The Duke was very much positive about the projects, and his plans were successful, soon the ports bought tremendous amounts of business in the United Kingdom by increasing the imports and exports. It gave opportunities to people from around the world to supply its products in the United Kingdom, and The Kingdom was able to export its items to the world. Immigration from foreign countries increased, and many job opportunities were introduced at the ports. The ports were a gateway for the successful economy of Britain and also the key to start a new business in Britain for the foreigners. Along with the development of ports the Queen also developed buildings and living blocks that consisted of small and big flats for individuals and families so that British land would not go in foreigners name and still they get to live in Britain as permanent residents