Aerial drones had been much the rage lately. From GoPro to DJI’s drones. Yet, as others know aquatic drones: Trident, FathomOne, CCROV and BlueROV2, another submarine drone is to take the spotlight. Having aerial drones in 4K, Gladius sets foot in the deep sea in 4K as well.

According to 4K, the Gladius underwater drone lets people shoot 1080P or 4K videos while its 16-megapixel captures stunning images of the sea. The drone kit also has a WiFi buoy, to let the drone understand controls from your smartphone remote.

The Gladius was mentioned to have a “neutrally-buoyant aluminum alloy body.” It was also described that the Gladius’ four different thrusters allows it to navigate through the sea with ease. Amid its 3-kg (6.6-lb) weight, the underwater drone is said to be enabled to withstand high pressure under the sea.

Gladius underwater drone is mentioned to be supported by Android or iOS platforms. Hence, makes smartphone users control what they see under the sea. Simply put the smartphone in the video-like control and people could experience the sea in 720P. Nonetheless, the Gladius underwater drone kit has only up to 30 meters, or 100 feet dive depth per New Atlas. 

The underwater drone is powered by two rechargeable lithium pack that charges in an estimated 1 and a half hour. The speed was stated to be 2 meters (6.6 ft.) per second while the experience is estimated to last up to three hours. Gladius Underwater basic drone kit then lets you experience wonders of the deep sea for a price of $599. Meanwhile, its upgraded 4K UHD camera makes the price rise to $799.

The package also offers a difference in WiFi ranges and shooting quality. The $599 Standard version is said to have 30 meters (98 ft.) with1080P/60fps. While the more expensive package has an extended range of 500 m (1,640 ft.) with 4K/30fps capability.