Upcoming US President Donald Trump continues to downplay the role of the Russians during November's polls. The real estate mogul has ridiculed the CIA about its hacking report that supposedly involved Moscow.

On Twitter, he declares that deploying the spy game between the Russians and the US intelligence circle but with a different election result will always be about conspiracy theory.

If there is one thing that baffles the President-elect, it will definitely about the motives behind the revelation. For Trump, the timing of the CIA assessment release is questionable.

With the way things are shaping right now, the elite intelligence agency is in collision course against the Commander-in-Chief of the United States. Trump has consistently reiterated that determining who masterminded the hacking operation against the Democratic Party's email servers will be difficult.

According to the billionaire businessman, catching the online intruders is the easiest way to solve the problem. Still, he queries why the incident hasn't been brought up prior to the election.

The truth is the FBI has already unraveled the hacking incident back in October. The CIA has blown the story further that the involvement of the Kremlin was meant to back Trump during his presidential bid.

As of late, the camp of Hillary Clinton has supported the Electoral College about its request for an intelligence briefing about the cyber attacks.

Clinton's campaign Chairman John Podesta shares that sensitive concerns related to national security have been mentioned in the bipartisan electors' document.

The development has come on the heels of the forthcoming ratification of the election results.

As the CIA drums up the probability that Russian infiltrators had a hand in Trump's victory, the President-elect has sharply criticized the agency's efforts by pointing out the organization's miscalculations about weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. It can be recalled that the ouster of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had been due to his possession of WMDs which apparently turned out to be untrue.

Although Trump has actually won the polls, it must be noted that he is trailing Clinton by 2.8 million ballots in the popular voting. It is highly likely that such a scenario has triggered the incoming President to defend the legitimacy of his win.