The famous English actor, Tom Felton, is known for his portrayal of Harry Potter's arch nemesis. Now he will be seen as playing Julian Dorn in "The Flash" season 3. Dorn's role will be that of Central City Police Department as a CSI who believes that Barry Allen is a lot more than just a regular nice guy.

According to talks last week, the Flashpoint storyline has been confirmed for season 3. Grant Gustin, playing Barry Allen, sad said that season 3 of "the Flash" will be "its own thing."

Meanwhile, Tom Felton's character is not linked to Barry's decision to go back in time and save his mother from season 2 finale catastrophe. But the fans are hoping to see Felton's Dorn appear in season 3 sooner when the show airs its first episode on October 8.

It remains to be seen how the Flashpoint plotline will impact every character on the show. However, Violet Beane (Jesse Wells) has already confirmed that she will return in the next season. Season 2 showed that she was leaving Earth 2 with her father, Harrison Wells, and Barry was trying to save his mother that caused an unforeseen rift in the timeline. But Beane reassures that anything can happen for all the characters in season 3.

Although it is confirmed that she will be back in the show's third season, she doesn't know whether or not Jesse will have her powers. She also adds that Flashpoint will be an entirely new dimension of false reality, and that her character may become labeled as Earth-One Jesse or some kind of speedster.