John Podesta stepped down from his role as senior advisor to President Barack Obama on Friday and Tweeted his regret - regrets about UFOs, according to The Huffington Post.

On the now defunct account, @podesta44, the former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton, Podesta used the hashtag #thetruthisstilloutthere. According to HuffPost, Podesta's interest in things extraterrestrial and unexplained was apparent during his Clinton years (1998 to 2001).

Podesta has repeatedly asked the higher-ups to "open the books," like he did in 2002 at the National Press Club in Washington, District of Columbia.

Podesta's Tweet has reignited demands for answers from those looking to the skies about other-worldly visitors.

"Podesta indicated in his tweet that he made an effort, somehow or another, to engage the UFO files question," Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group Stephen Bassett told HuffPost. "That's all he has indicated. He didn't say who he talked to, how he did it - he just put it out there."

"In order for the truth embargo to end, the president must go to the Pentagon and they have to cut a deal, where the Pentagon gets assurances from the White House about how disclosure will take place, how the post-disclosure period will be conducted," Bassett added. "And the president has to get confirmation from the Pentagon that when he announces the ET presence, that they're going to back him up. The whole purpose of this entire advocacy movement and everything I'm doing and other people are doing is to get that deal cut -- that's what it's all been about for at least the last 25 years."

Some speculate that Hillary Clinton will turn to Podesta for her anticipated 2016 presidential campaign, so UFO seekers have hope for full disclosure under Clinton's possible presidency. President Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel that he checked into the information on UFOs, but no evidence was given to him.

The truth is still out there.