Evidence of two glowing mysterious objects hovering during the final mission of the Gemini space project was recently discovered by a UFO researcher in an archival NASA photo from 1966, taken almost five decades ago.

Although UFO enthusiasts were warned that the sighting did not mean it was definitely a UFO, the researchers hinted that it could possibly prove that an extraterrestrial observer was monitoring the progress of human history as mankind took its first baby steps into space.

"These two ships are in high detail and are close by to monitor the Gemini mission and to witness human history being made," noted UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring. "Magnificent!"

The latest photographic evidence could prove that all the developments during the U.S. space program might have been witnessed by UFO's and the alien race.

The image, analyzed and reported by prolific YouTube UFO enthusiast Streetcap1 on Saturday, features two multicolored dots captured by Gemini XII, the final mission in the four-year Gemini program, which overall included the first human spacewalk, the first docking of two space ships, and what was then the highest altitude at which a manned spacecraft had ever orbited the Earth - 850 miles, Digital Journal reported.

Although the mysterious objects could be human-manufactured satellites, Streetcap1 theorizes that very few satellites were known to orbit the space back in 1966.

Another 1971 NASA moon mission Apollo 15 photo, taken on the surface of the moon between July 30 and August 2, 1971, created quite a buzz last month after a UFO researcher spotted a mysterious craft hovering over a lunar horizon.

Meanwhile, the latest photo was also carefully turned and enhanced into a video by Streetcap1 in order to study "The Gemini Twins."

"In the days when there were not many satellites launched c.1966, is it possible that these brightly colored objects came to observe man's attempts to conquer space travel? Or are they secret satellites? Either way they are a long way off and I would presume quite large."