"Batman vs. Superman" is slated to begin filming in April, but MoviePilot.com may have landed early scoop the production's plot, costume and character details regarding a certain Caped Crusader.

The movie buzz website published an anonymous post claiming to be insider information about Ben Affleck's character the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel. Check out the best snippets from the MoviePilot.com post below.


1. Bruce Wayne is old, but not that old.

"BatFleck will be 40 years old, retired; the Batsuit and Batmobile are Amazing."

Side note: Forbes film blogger Mark Hughes claims the big Batsuit reveal will most likely happen in April, but his insider sources haven't been able to give him any updates.

2. Wayne hung up his Batsuit for almost a decade.

"After the events of [The Dark Knight Rises], BatFleck retired to rebuild Gotham as Bruce Wayne. Robin (in the TDKR but not played by JGL) becomes his first protege as NightWing. There is a 7-year time period between the event in the TDKR and MoS. So, BatFleck has been retired for 7 years."

3. Wayne's "BatFamily" handled crime during his "retirement."

"During this time, knowing that crime needs to be dealt with, BatFleck constituted the BatFamily: NightWing, BatWing, BatGirl, RedRobin and Robin. The latter died at the hand of The Joker who escaped during the TDKR's event but then reappeared. As a way of getting BatFleck's attention, the Joker devised a plan to attack one of his proteges. He targeted the youngest and less experienced one - Robin. He killed him and BatFleck has been blaming himself day and night for it, this sets up a Batman: Under The Red Hood solo movie."

4. Affleck's Wayne Admits To "Funding" The Dark Knight

"There have been speculation that Bruce Wayne is an ally of the Batman. Bruce admits that he's been "financing" the Batman. But, he says he's never actually met the Batman. He argues that the Batman is making Gotham City a safer place."

5. Batman sees Superman as a threat to Metropolis; Teams up with Lex Lutor to help rebuild the city.

"Bruce Wayne wants to get involved with the reconstruction of Metropolis. This means that Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp have to work together. He's not thrilled about it but it's for the greater good."

You can read the rest of the allegedly leaked plot details here.