Fans are eager for the "Batman vs. Superman" Batsuit reveal rumored for this April, but the "Man of Steel 2" production has already teased a few key details regarding Ben Affleck's costume.

From costume designer Michael Wilkinson to Affleck's wife Jennifer Garner, many people close to the film have talked about the Batsuit. Below is a list of the most important details revealed within the past few days. (Click on the hyperlinks for more information)

1. Wilkinson designed a "logical" Batsuit for Affleck.

"[Director Zack Snyder] has such a great vision for this film, the cinematic universe that we're creating together with the production designer and the cinematographer," the costume designer revealed to Esquire. "It has a logic to it. It's very tight. It's a very gritty, real, contemporary world. That's what I had in the back of my mind when I tried to think of a Batman that works for that universe."

2. The cape on Affleck's Batsuit is LONG.

"I have seen photos of Ben as Batman. I haven't seen the real thing yet, but I have a feeling the cape will take up too much room in our closet and shove all my things out of the way," Jennifer Garner told Glamour magazine.

3. The Batsuit photo shoot for the big reveal may have been completed, if Wilkinson's Twitter account is any indication.

4. Forbes film blogger Mark Hughes is adamant the Batsuit reveal will occur in April.

5. Wilkinson paid close attention to every detail of the costumes, including the crotch. 

"When you're designing superhero suits, it all comes down to the crotch. And if you're doing a female superhero, the bust," Wilkinson told Esquire. "You have to present things in an appealing way but something that's not too confronting and has the right tone for the film. It's something where you have to use all of your costuming skills to find that balance."

"Batman vs. Superman" is currently in production and is slated to hit theaters on May 6, 2016.