Apple has done it again: Burstly, the company responsible for the creation of the applications SkyRocket and TestFlight is the newest addition to their long list of assets.

Rumors have been swirling around, and it all leads back to Apple, some unusual TestFlight modifications rolled out in the past few days being the most convincing evidence. However, these rumors can end now because according to TechCrunch, the Burstly team is now working with Apple.

Another soon-to-be abandoned functionality is their TestFlight SDK. Those who have already uploaded it don't need to fret, but new users and previous subscribers who have yet to upload have been asked to exclude SDK from their respective builds.

FlightPath, an analytic tracking product, has also been taken down. Burstly's letting go of its alternative to TestFlight Live was initially a move towards "changing the app ecosystem" through joint effort, a vision held by the two companies. A relatively new business such as FlightPath held a future in the market, and it was surprising to see it close down in less than a year.

It was also observed that their way of announcing the product changes was not as enthusiastic as it should be. There have been no details about their big business decisions in their change log, nor is there any heads-up found in their company's site, in their users' e-mails or their social network accounts.

Some hints can be found in the official company Twitter @testflightapp where answers were given to developers who are baffled by the sudden modifications. They were asked to contact the company through e-mail, thus avoiding disclosure of any information to the public.

It doesn't come as a complete surprise, however. Burstly has been known to seal its deals silently, its acquisition of TestFlight in Q4 2011 a perfect example. Nobody knew until MG Siegler, a TechCrunch writer, wrote about it on PandoDaily 2 years later in March 2012.