The Pokemon Go Fest, being held in Chicago has been successful and also extended by two days. Three legendary Pokemon- Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno can be captured by the players in a short window frame.

The legendary Pokemon named Moltres and Zapdos will be soon available for the fans of Pokemon Go. Niantic has revealed all these three rare legendary birds including Articuno will be available only for a short period of time.

According to Polygon, players are now free to catch the Articuno Pokemon till July 31. After this, the players will be able to catch Moltres till August 7. And, the last rare Pokemon bird, Zapdos can be caught till August 14. All these legendary Pokemon birds will be available for catching only for a brief period of time in Pokemon Go. However, Lugia which is considered the first legendary Pokemon Go will still appear in the Raid Battles of the game.

The Pokemon Candy rewards are now doubled for the players in the game. This means that the players would be now able to gain double experience points for doing activities in the game that enhances the experience of the player. According to Slash Gear, on the first level evolution is doubled and the other levels will give the players an extra 100 XP only. The XP points can also be quadrupled with the help of XP doubler Lucky Egg.

It must be mentioned here that Niantic has revealed that the Pokemon Go Fest event along with the rewards available with it, has been extended by two more days. Notably, the Chicago-based Pokemon Go Fest is a hugely successful event and reports have also revealed that it is unsure, whether Niantic will be revealing this legendary Pokemon in the near future or not.