Street Fighter V is a popular fighting game and the latest version of the game has released new character, stages, and costumes. The new characters, which are available in the game are Abigail, Kopin, Ed, and Akuma. Also, new costumes are available for Alex, Juri, and Ibuki.

The latest version of DLC for Street Fighter V is now available for the players. The players now can start to use Abigail, the newest fighter in the game. Apart from that, the players are free to use new and retro stages and costumes.

According to GameSpot, the addition of Abigail in the game is a huge event when speaking both figuratively and literally. This character belongs to Capcom's Final Fight series and it is expected that character will mark a remarkable presence on the battlefield in the game. With a height of 8 feet, the character will be shadowing the other street players in the Street Fighter V. Notably, the players can buy Abigail in the game by paying $30.

Other characters which will be soon available in the game include Kopin, Ed, and Akuma. Each of these characters can be bought by the players by paying $6 for each. Street Fighter V has also not given the freedom to the players to buy different types of costumes for the characters. Retro outfits are available for Alex, Juri, and Ibuki.

Also, three new stages are available in the game which can be purchased by the players. The first page includes the home of Abigail which is the Metro City Bay Area. The second stage is the Suzaku Castle, the home stage of Ryo and the final stage is the Kanzuki Family Stadium. The first two stages can be bought for $4 while the last stage will cost $10. The last stage can be bought along with Guile's Champion Choice custom which is available in the premier pass of Capcom Pro Tour 2017.