The police and the authorities uncovered the gang or the group who is behind the largest cannabis operation in the UK. With this, it was also reported that the group was sentenced to 90 years in prison for operating the $26 million a year cannabis business.

With the latest report, it was also found out that the group which was composed also of even people from London was able to produce the cannabis between 2013 and 2015. The police discovered that they were foiled until there was a total of 16, 428 cannabis plants still concealed at sites in Norfolk and Kent.

According to Standard, the cannabis operation in Norfolk brought trouble and problem to the residents. It was learned that this caused the total loss of electricity in the said place because of the power supply being tampered with the meter that was bypassed.

The authorities got a report of a burglary in Rochester High Street, Kent last June 28, 2013, and this was the first hint they got. So the police went to the said place and discovered the illegal operation in a factory. They also uncovered that the unit had been rented to a certain person named, James Allen from Abbey Wood, southeast London since December of 2012.

It was then revealed that Allen and the other member of the group had leased some other units aside from that factory in Kent. They also used false names to be able to lease some sites. In the progress of the case, fifteen people were convicted of conspiring to produce cannabis and this included Allen. Further 14, out of the 15 were convicted of abstracting the electricity.

According to the Serious Crime Directorate of Essex and Kent, this cannabis operation was a highly and properly organize as well as prolific conspiracy to create and sell cannabis on a commercial level. The authorities and the court also concluded that the annual street cost of the plants was more than $26 million. With that, it can already be regarded as a significant amount of money to finance other criminal activities.

It was then brought into conclusion that this cannabis operation by the said gang or group was the largest cannabis industry ever discovered in Norfolk. Reports also added that the operation was complex and consumed a lot of time but the police promised that they will target and close down all drug trafficking networks other than this.