Latest reports confirmed that the war on drugs is heating up. Because of this, most of the cannabis investors are starting to worry as this might affect the movement of the cannabis business.

It was reported that the cannabis law breakers are being pursued by the Department of Justice in the United States. Together with this situation, some parties are also starting to crack down. It can be recalled that a large shipment of Stashlogix containers was seized by the authorities in Los Angeles.

According to Forbes, this Stashlogix is being used to keep medications, pharmaceuticals as well as other valuable things out of reach of children. The police officers were able to discover a combination lock in the said Stashlogix which was sued to prevent kids from gaining access to the marijuana stored inside.

Because of that, the authorities were able to find proof to be able to justify the seizure of the drug paraphernalia found inside. Even if the ancillary cannabis businesses have been considered to be low risk in the cannabis industry still, the investors should consider that it will change.

However, it was found out that Amazon is also offering Stashlogix items on their online site, so this means that the said company is also selling paraphernalia. It was then concluded that the action of the authorities, as well as the federal government, made no sense and it was even considered alarming.

Though it was claimed at the start that the seizure was legal in order to protect the children from the said cannabis products, The Herb News claimed that some investors deemed that the seizure was wrong-headed. With this, some wondered if this action by the government will result in its interference with the rights of the states particularly with the cannabis industry.

It can be recalled that marijuana was legalized in California for medical purposes in the past years and is now being established to legal adult use. Therefore, the cannabis investors did not see any justification with regards to the current war on drugs since the seizure is fairly contradictory.