Latest reports confirmed that Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel announced last Wednesday that he could find ways to close the office of al-Jazeera in Jerusalem. This was revealed after the leader accused the Qatar-based television news network of inciting violence in the said city.

Previous reports claimed that Jerusalem I currently experiencing what can be considered as one of its most tense periods in years. This started when the Palestinians protested against the heightened Israeli security measures which have been employed near the Temple Mount-Noble Sanctuary compound, one of the holiest sites in the city.

According to Reuters, these so-called incidents and events have been reported widely by al-Jazeera and this prompted Israeli's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to conclude that the said network continues to stir violence around the Temple Mount. With this, he then shared that he had spoken many times to the law enforcement authorities about the possible closure of al-Jazeera offices in Jerusalem.

However, the prime minister saw a predicament if his demand would not be possible and it has something to do with legal interpretation. But Benjamin Netanyahu is still full of hopes saying that he will work to enact a required legislation to remove al-Jazeera from Israel.

Meanwhile, the Qatar-based television news network was not immediately reached and available for comments or remarks with the suggestion of the Israeli leader. It can be recalled that the tensions brought about by the deaths of our Palestinians and three Israelis in violence last Friday and Saturday raised alarms across the globe.

Moreover, aside from its possible closure in Jerusalem, al-Jazeera also faced government censure in Egypt when three of its employees were jailed in the said country for seven years that also led to the closure of the network's offices. Later on, the two were released but the third is still in jail.

In addition, previous reports also claimed that four Arab states wanted to impose pressure on Qatar and one of their demands included the closure of the al-Jazeera news network in those four states. It was reported before that Qatar has been a supporter of global terrorism but the nation denied this.