President Donald Trump's first official overseas trip will have him visiting Saudi Arabia. It has been reported that there are a lot of things on the agenda, which the US President and Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman will discuss. Apart from Saudi Arabia, President Trump will also be visiting the Vatican and Israel.

President Donald Trump's will be seen visiting Saudi Arabia, the Vatican and Israel on his first leg of overseas trip after taking office. According to reports from BBC, while visiting Saudi Arabia, President Trump and Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is also the Defence Minister will discuss matters related to the treats due to terrorism, especially the Islamic State (IS).

Notably, Saudi Arabia has been putting up a fight against the IS with the help of US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) but, the current conflict that is raging in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Libya has increased the problem manifolds as young Saudi are becoming inclined towards the IS ideology.

According to the report, the meeting of the US President and Saudi's Crown Prince will also have the duo discussing about Iran. It must be mentioned that Iran is viewed as a threat due to the militias it supports by Tehran, key members of the Trump administration and also Saudi Arabia rulers, but they never acknowledge it.

The other things that are on President Trump's agenda include establishing business ties with Saudi as he is eyeing a $40 billion investment from Saudi Arabis. On the other side, the Saudi Prince aspires to change the cultural landscape by introducing public entertainment along with privatizing a part of Saudi Aramco, which is the oil giant of the state.

Remarkably, during his Presidential election campaigns, Donald Trump raised his finger towards Saudi Arabia for the attack on the World Trade Center. But after assuming office, he had CIA Director, Mike Pompeo visiting Saudi Arabia and March also saw the Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman visiting the White House. And, it is their same ideology and belief about Iran posing threat to the Middle East that fostered a better relation.