Kate Middleton's relationship with Queen Elizabeth was hitting the headlines the past years since she married Prince William. Being the newest member of the royal family, some people said that there were a lot of awkward interactions between the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen herself.

Even until these times, people and the press were wondering as to the exact date when Kate Middleton met Queen Elizabeth. When Kate and Prince William started dating, it was still unsure if the Duchess met the Queen already during the dating stage.

But during their engagement interview, Kate Middleton revealed that she met Queen Elizabeth at the wedding of Peter Philips and Autumn Phillips. He also recalled that very significant moment as she added that the Queen was very friendly as they were with other guests. After that, William also disclosed that his grandmother also wanted to meet Kate that time.

After the so -called first meeting with Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton got an invitation to the Windsor Castle the time when Prince William was inducted into the Royal Order of the Garter. Her presence made headlines as this was her first royal engagement as she arrived in a car with Prince Harry. Perhaps, Kate has made a good first impression with the Queen during their first meeting.

Mail Online also reported that the relationship of Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth grew stronger even after the engagement. It can be recalled that when Kate's wedding dress was displayed last July 2011, the Queen accompanied Kate for an official viewing. A year after that, she invited the Duchess of Cambridge to join her on three more engagements.

Kate Middleton even recalled the times when n she was a bit apprehensive because William was not with them during one of those engagements. But she was thankful to Queen Elizabeth since she was very supportive of her. In fact, the Queen took the time to make sure that Kate was happy for that occasion.

Apart from those instances, Queen Elizabeth also showed how she is fond of her granddaughter-in-law through her hospitality to Kate Middleton's parents. The Queen invited Kate's parents to Royal Ascot last 2011 and 2012. Further, she even invited them to ride a boat during her Diamond Jubilee River Pageant.

Now, with the arrival of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, it was reported that Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth become closer. This is also beneficial to Kate's relationship and marriage with William.