Kate Middleton is always sporting a very different and polished look whenever she appears in public. From her attire to her glowing skin and shiny hair, people most especially the royal fans are wondering what could be the secret of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Every time Kate Middleton makes her public engagement, some people are not looking forward to her initiatives but to her looks. It appears that the Duchess has poreless and youthful skin despite having two children already with husband, Prince William.

But the previous year, Richard Ward, the personal hairstylist of Kate Middleton for more than a decade already revealed how to achieve the looks of the Duchess of Cambridge. He then disclosed this to the public and the press dubbed this signature look as the "Chelsea blowout" as also mentioned on PEOPLE.

As the secret to her shiny strands was revealed, fans also got a scoop on how Kate Middleton keeps her complexion almost perfect and glowing. Some wondered if this has something to do with good genes or because she uses expensive but effective products.

But Arabella Preston, Kate Middleton's makeup artist as well as the co-founder of natural skincare line Votary also disclosed the Duchess's beauty secret and a lot of people were surprised. According to Preston, the skincare secret of Kate is something which people were using before. She then spilled that the Duchess has been cleansing her face with a terry washcloth or face flannel for the British people.

This method of cleansing the face might appear old and traditional some but still, it benefits to the face when applied is evident. The washcloth may be too harsh for the skin and might spread the blemish-causing bacteria; however, Preston insisted that these materials have the ability to wash away dirt and makeup.

While these washcloths wipe away the dirt and the makeup, they can also exfoliate the skin. Perhaps this can be one of the reasons Kate Middleton is always flaunting that glowing and poreless skin which every woman across the globe desires to have.