Latest reports just confirmed that Top Gun 2 has already a release date as well as its official title. According to Paramount, the said film will get a release on July 12, 2019, and Tom Cruise just disclosed that this will be titled, Top Gun: Maverick. Moreover, the said sequel will be directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Though the release date has been set already as July 12, 2019, still some were doubtful with regards to its title which is Maverick. It can be recalled that Maverick is the name of the character which Tom Cruise plays in the said original hit film.

Meanwhile, Game Spot reported that Joseph Kosinski is said to direct Top Gun 2 he also was the director of Tom Cruise's 2013 movie, "Oblivion". The said sequel of one of Cruise's hit movies will follow the story of fighter pilots as they deal with drone tech that I making their traditional way of flying the more outdated it is.

It can be recalled that last May, Tom Cruise was the first one to hint and confirmed in the end that a sequel to the 1986 hit movie, "Top Gun" is indeed happening and that filming will take place probably next year. With this, the fans of the hit film were quick to react and share their excitement in the confirmation from the main cast himself.

When "Top Gun" was released in the year 1986, it gained different and mixed reviews from film critics and viewers. However, the film still managed to gain a massive success at the box office which earned more than $450 million across the globe. This was more than what the film spent which was less than $30 million.

Meanwhile, according to one report, Tom Cruise was the one who revealed the title of Top Gun sequel. It was disclosed that the movie will not be called Top Gun 2 but Top Gun: Maverick. It was also made known that this was named after his character as Maverick.

Further, it was also revealed that Tom Cruise shared how his character will develop in the Top Gun 2. According to the same report, Tom Cruise's Maverick will already be an old man who will share his knowledge as well as wisdom on aspiring pilots in order to master their craft.

Moreover, apart from Tom Cruise, reports were also rife if Val Kilmer will also return in Top Gun 2. Confirmations are still under the wrap if he will reprise his role as Iceman but he just posted on his Instagram account that he was ready and still got the moves.