Just days back Tom Cruise said that "Top Gun" sequel is definitely happening. As soon as his words reached his co-star Val Kilmer, the latter took to Instagram to express his interest in playing Iceman, his famous character from the 1986 classic who starts out as Cruise's rival but later becomes his friend.

Just days after Tom Cruise confirmed "Top Gun" sequel, his co-star from the film Val Kilmer has announced his interest in reprising his popular character Iceman. According to E! News, Kilmer shared a picture of himself along with his Iceman character on Instagram and referring to Cruise wrote that he heard about the announcement of "Top Gun 2," and he is ready. He repeated that he has still got the moves.

Notably, Kilmer had expressed interest in "Top Gun" sequel last year as well when the movie was celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. He had said that he would love to play his role if the makers come up with a "Top Gun" sequel. Well, now that Kilmer has again expressed interest, it is great news for his fans, Screen Rant has learned.

After all, the stories of his ill health and cancer had made them quite nervous. For those who do not know, Michael Douglas had indicated that Val Kilmer was suffering from cancer and later Kilmer also confirmed it. However, he added that he was recovering and now that Tom Cruise has confirmed "Top Gun" sequel, fans are delighted and looking forward to watch the duo on screen.

Nevertheless, till an official announcement is made, fans would have to keep their fingers crossed. Till now, there is very little information available about the "Top Gun" sequel. It is expected to start filming by next year and Joseph Kisinkski, who has worked with Tom Cruise in "Oblivion," is said to be the top contender to direct the film.

It is worth mentioning here that Val Kilmer was highly appreciated as Lt. Tom "Iceman" Kazanski in the 1986 action drama "Top Gun."