"Top Gun" sequel has been a much-debated topic for the fans of Tom Cruise and now the actor has said that the second part is happening. He also said that the filming of the sequel could begin next year.

Fans of Tom Cruise have some good news as the actor has confirmed "Top Gun" sequel," USA Today has learned. In an interview with an Australian TV show "Sunrise," he said that "Top Gun 2" is definitely happening and he could start shooting for the same next year. Talking to the host, he said that the making of the sequel is true and they were the first people he revealed the news to as they asked him first.

Notably, last year in October, Cruise had said that the team was discussing the "Top Gun" sequel and they were trying to figure out things. His words were significant because they had followed the tweet of Jerry Bruckheimer, the "Top Gun" producer, wherein he had shared a picture of himself and the actor after a discussion about "Top Gun 2."

According to New York Post, the rumors of "Top Gun" sequel have been doing the rounds for a long time, but they became intense last year as 2016 marked the thirtieth anniversary of the 1986 military action drama. Earlier Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise's co-star in the film who played Lt. Tom "Iceman" Kazanski, had also given a fillip to the idea of the sequel with his comments.

He had said that he would love to reprise his role if a "Top Gun" sequel was ever made. Well, now that the sequel has been confirmed by Tom Cruise, it would be interesting to see how many from the old star cast return for the second installment.

It is worth mentioning here that "Top Gun" is a military action drama directed by Tony Scott that released in 1986 and though it got mixed reviews from critics, it went on to become a huge commercial success. The film was especially applauded for its action sequences.