Tom Cruise is reportedly furious over the report that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are already determined to go public. It was just reported lately that the rumored couple was just spotted on a romantic dinner and this could have given Tom a sort of disappointment.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have managed to keep their relationship secret if the reports are true that indeed the two are sharing a romantic relationship. It was reported before that the two started dating last 2013 and the reason why they cannot go public is because of Katie's ex-husband Tom Cruise.

It can be recalled that Tom Cruise reportedly let Katie Holmes sign a no-relationship clause after the divorce was finalized. But it was reported too that he soon realized things won't get better with that so he waived that clause which could signal that Katie can openly date someone in public.

It just makes sense that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have decided not to go public with their relationship but now, they seem to be ready as per US Weekly. Throughout their rumored romance, the two managed to go on private trips together without the public and the press knowing it. They really took great pains in avoiding the paparazzi as they go for private trips together. Some reports were claiming that they actually go out in cars with tinted windows and even getting the help of back secret elevators.

With the latest reports, it looks like Katie Holmes is already tired of hiding or perhaps playing the hiding game. Moreover, there were also claims that Katie is already sick of living her life in fright of Tom Cruise and all the things that he brought to her life.

With how things are going on now with Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, it seems like they are ready to show to the public that they are indeed a couple. More and more photos have surfaced regarding their latest dinner date and they seemed to be less particular if there are people who would capture photos of them. Perhaps, tom Cruise is already aware of their relationship only that there is no doubt that he will feel secretly furious about this.