Latest NBA reports claimed that the Minnesota Timberwolves just waived its veteran forward Jordan Hill. Because of this, the team just went ion clearing $4 million salary cap room as the free agency is drawing near.

 It can be recalled that Jordan Hill signed a two-year $8 million deal last summer with the team but its second year was not yet guaranteed. In that case, it will not be in the Minnesota Timberwolves this coming summer as the forward player just played for seven games last season.

Because of waiving Jordan Hill, ESPN claimed that the Minnesota Timberwolves can gain an at least create close to $19 million in a salary cap. If this happens, the team can acquire any from the free agents as this opens this coming Saturday.

Prior to waving Jordan Hill in the second year of his two-year contract with the team, the Minnesota Timberwolves just acquired Chicago Bulls star player Jimmy Butler in a trade last week during the draft night. This move was prompted by the team's desire and wanting to upgrade their roster of players to finally put an end to its 13-year playoff drought.

Last 2016, veteran big man and forward Jordan Hill was signed in by the Minnesota Timberwolves with a two-year contract. The team and the power forward both agreed to terms on a deal worth $8 million in the team's quest to improve its roster of players.

Jordan Hill was with the Indiana Pacers before moving to Minnesota Timberwolves and he averaged 8.8 points as well as 6.2 rebounds. Apart from these teams, he likewise played for the Rockets, Knicks, and the Lakers throughout his career.

When the Minnesota Timberwolves acquired Jordan Hill last 2016, the team's frontcourt depth improved and beefed up. It can be recalled that the team struggled in that aspect before as most of its star players were sidelined by injuries.

With Jordan Hill about to leave Minnesota Timberwolves, the fans were thinking who could possibly replace him to improve its roster. And for the 28-year old star player, his fans are now looking forward to his next NBA team as the free agency comes near.