Paul George comments are making headlines in the news as of late. Latest news is saying that his frustration about the Indiana Pacers recent struggles seems to be bothering him as the regular season is coming to an end. Will his disappointment pave the way for him to be traded?

Paul George has been the face the of the Indiana Pacers throughout the years. There is no question that he is the franchise player of the team right now and taken up the role of being the leader. He is also the barometer of the team and plays an integral part of Pacers success the past six seasons.

But now, the Indiana Pacers are struggling as they have lost five out their last eight games and precariously holding the seventh spot in the Eastern Conference standings. Paul George is worried that they may fall out the standings and in danger of not entering the playoffs. And now, he has something to say about their current situation after their home loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to ESPN, Paul George is questioning the way the Indiana Pacers is closing out games as they are making their final push to the postseason. George was upset about their recent loss and called his teammates and the Pacers team that have "no sense of urgency, no winning pride."

Through enough, Paul George fear that the Indiana Pacers might not make it to the playoffs might happen as they are only two games ahead of the ninth-place Chicago Bulls. George is also concerned as they hit the next three games on the road with a bad record away from home. The next three games are playoff bound teams starting with the Memphis Grizzlies followed by Eastern Conference contenders Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

And now, rumors are saying that Paul George frustrations might end up for him to ask to be traded. And one team that is a possible destination for him is the Boston Celtics. The Celtics reportedly pursuing him since the start of the regular season up to the trade deadline last month. His recent visit to the TD Garden gave him some cheers from Celtics fans anticipating that the four-time NBA All-Star would join them in the offseason.

Nevertheless, Paul George leaving the Indiana Pacers is still speculation for now. George admits that they have to be a great team and hopes to improve more heading to the postseason. But don't be surprised if he'll be targeted again in the offseason by teams like the Boston Celtics.