Latest reports confirmed that Brad Pitt will star with Tommy Lee Jones in a sci-fi epic movie titled, "Ad Astra". Moreover, the reports added that the filming of the said movie will commence in September with James Gray as the director and New Regency Productions as the producer.

Even if some details of the film were not yet disclosed, some facts about it were already spilled to the public. According to some reports, Brad Pitt will play the role of an autistic space engineer named Roy McBride.

It was also found out that Brad Pitt's character will also engage in a very important journey in order to discover something. He will travel to the solar system in order to find his father who left for a one-way mission to Neptune. Apart from searching his father there, he will also find out why the mission failed.

According to Deadline, Tommy Lee Jones will play the character of Brad Pitt's father and that the movie will resemble that of "Heart of Darkness" film which was set in deep space. In the previous years, sci-fi films have gained a lot of fans and viewers and they remain to be intriguing until now.

With the upcoming project on "Ad Astra", reports escalated that it got some intriguing characters and casting news too which included Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones. Gray, who was reported to be the director of the said film, was also the director of "Lost City of Z" which was produced by Plan B, the production company owned by Brad.

Previous reports suggested that Brad Pitt will once again appear in the sequel of the movie, "World War Z" with David Fincher as the director. However, it was claimed that the production took longer than expected and that the release date was pulled out from the calendar.

Apart from that, reports also circulated that Brad Pitt was expected to star in the lauded film, "The Lost City of Z" but did not happen as well as in "The Gray Man". This time, it looks third time's a charm in Tommy Lee Jones who also was just done with "Villa Capri" and "Shock and Awe".