Brad Pitt was very open during his interview with the GQ magazine as he bared everything including his split from his ex, Angelina Jolie. As the actor revealed details about his bitter experiences, he said that he is already doing fine and is trying to fix things with his former wife.

It was reported lately that Brad Pitt was actually considering reconciliation with Angelina Jolie but it was claimed by some sources that it was for their children. The actor thinks that despite the bitter divorce, he and Jolie still have responsibilities to fulfill when it comes to their six children.

As he was also being interviewed, Brad Pitt said that it is just alright to share things about life since he finds talking about the human condition interesting. With this, PEOPLE reported that Brad was very frank when asked about his split from Angelina Jolie and how he was coping.

Brad Pitt further revealed that he has been talking and working things with his ex, Angelina Jolie. Like what his former wife claimed before, everything they do is for the health and welfare of the family. After all, their six kids are their utmost priority. The "Allied" actor also considered his children as his life and his everything.

Apart from these admissions, Brad Pitt also confessed that during the dark times of his life, he never thought of taking his own life. According to Rolling Stone, he claimed that he is not really suicidal and there was a sound of hope in his statements when he also said that there is so much beauty in life and love.

After talking about his life, Brad Pitt also shared details about his upcoming film, "War Machine". Dealing into this, he said that he is against the decision of Donald Trump's administration to send more military troops in Afghanistan.

Further, Brad Pitt also shared that he is already planning to quit acting and will focus on producing instead. He went on telling that as he grows older, he feels that he finds more passion in producing than in acting. Besides, the actor candidly said that producing will not take a person away from his family.