Brad Pitt just bared everything in his latest interview with GQ Magazine and he revealed how he sought counseling to get sober. Meanwhile, as he goes through his divorce case with Angelina Jolie, it was also claimed that she was making adjustments to help him re-establish his relationship with his kids.

In the latest reports, Brad Pitt just bared all when he shared that he had a hard time coping with his dilemma and addiction on alcohol. But he thought that this will do him any good that's why he considered going to a counseling therapy to help him overcome this problem.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Brad Pitt detailed his experience before when he was really addicted to drinking alcohol. He shared that there was no day in his life when he was not drunk even when he was still in college. He even shared that he was really a professional and good drinker.

Then he said that he was also using substances and even smoking cigarettes just to pacify his feelings. Brad Pitt then further shared that when he already started family life with Angelina Jolie, he already stopped all of these except boozing. Then when the two split, the more he succumbed to drinking to assuage and comfort what he was going through.

But lately, it was reported that Brad Pitt was already undergoing therapy to stop this habit and to reinvent his old self following a very controversial split from Angelina Jolie. According to Variety, he would even spend and devote some of his time in his new-found interest which is on arts.

As Brad Pitt is recovering from the hurt and the pain, Angelina Jolie is reportedly making adjustments to help Brad maintains his relationship with his kids. Previous reports were telling that the actress purchased a mansion in Los Angeles located near Brad's home.

With these reports, it looks like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rebuilding their relationship for the sake of the kids. Despite the messy split and a controversial aftermath of the divorce, the two are making sure their kids will still be their top priority.