The eighth installment in the "Saw" horror franchise that till now was being made under the working title "Saw: Legacy" has gotten a new title. It is called "Jigsaw" now and the makers have also released the official logo of the film.

All the fans of "Saw" horror film franchise who have been waiting for the trailer of the eighth movie will not have to wait much as fresh updates have started pouring in. According to, the eighth movie is no longer called "Saw: Legacy." It has gotten a new title that goes by the name of "Jigsaw," most probably inspired by its scary villain. So, now the teaser trailer must be on its way and might be out in a month or so.

Notably, the last movie in the "Saw" franchise- "Saw 3D" released in 2010 and the eighth movie was announced in 2011 when Lionsgate confirmed that screenwriters Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg had been hired to write the eighth installment. It was also announced that the film would have the working title of "Saw: Legacy" and the filming began last year in 2016.

However, now the new title "Jigsaw" has been announced and it will be directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, ScreenRant claimed. Though the plot details are not out, it is said that the story will revolve around a new series of murders that begin to take place ten years after the death of original Jigsaw.

Speaking of Jigsaw, the villain might be dead but the title of the eighth "Saw" movie does seem to indicate that Tobin Bell would return as the serial killer. Since the title is a deviation from the usual numbered system, the film has aroused interest as well.

However, as of now, only two names have been confirmed as cast members for "Jigsaw" and they include Hannah Anderson and Laura Vandervoort. It is worth mentioning here that the eighth "Saw" movie "Jigsaw" is slated to hit the theaters on Oct. 27.