After lending support to mental health campaign, Prince Harry has come out in the open about the panic attacks he suffered after the death of his mother Princess Diana. He also revealed that no one in the royal family from the current generation wants to become the king or queen and they are modernizing the throne.

Prince Harry has spoken up about the trauma he went through after the death of his mother Princess Diana. According to People, the younger royal opened up about his suffering in a TV interview and said that he experienced severe panic attacks after he lost his mother. Comparing his body to a washing machine, he revealed that his heart would beat heavily and he would sweat a lot. In fact, this would happen even in a room filled with people.

Prince Harry also shed light on his healing, disclosing that he hid the pain for years but his Afghanistan posting turned out to be an eye-opener. It made him realize that he had a lot piled up inside and he needed to deal with it. So, he took professional help and it healed him. He also said that sharing his feelings with people who had undergone similar painful experiences helped him get a grip on his life. He admitted that by helping oneself, one can also help others.

Prince Harry also talked about the new generation of the royal family and how they are not interested in inheriting the throne, CBS News claimed. He said that they are modernizing the throne and no one from the current lot wants to sit on it. However, he did admit that they will be doing their royal duties, something that he was never interested in when he was in his 20s.

However, with time he realized the importance of his role and so, he decided to utilize it for the welfare of people. Prince Harry also thanked his elder brother Prince William for his advice as it helped him set his priorities and today, leading an ordinary life is an important thing for him.