Fighting games are one of the most popular categories in the gaming platform. The level of these games can range from the brutal ones to the family friendly ones. And, these are available for both Android as well as iOS devices.

According to PhoneArena, the fighting games can range from extremely brutal games to family-friendly fighting games. The type of game that the players prefer depends on their competitive spirit. This year will see many battlefields for Android and iOS devices. Here is the list of best seven Android and iOS games.

Shadow Fight 2

It is a single player fighting game where the player needs to defeat the demon bosses. Apart from that, the player also needs to close the Gate of Shadow by fighting the minions present in the game. It is a game for the lover of animated combat system.

EA Sports UFC

With more than 70 different fighters with whom one can play, this gave will entertain the player to the core. Each of the fighters has their unique move which can be employed in the battlefield. The MMA fans will love this game.

Injustice 2

One can give their creative side a wing in this game because Injustice 2 allows the player to assemble and develop their own version of superheroes and villains. Once the character is ready, the game can be started.

Marvel Contest of Champions

The Marvel Comic Book readers will find themselves familiar with the game. The player needs to prepare a team of superheroes and then fight against the evil.

WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals is a gem when it comes to WWE type fighting games. It is a bit different than the usual WWE fight because the fight takes place in a fantasy setting instead of a ring.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

The game features battles from Power Rangers franchise. A power bar that recharges slowly is the main feature of the game. There are many ability cards available in the game which allows the players to make a move.

Real Steel Boxing Champions

It is a game where robots fight against each other and the loser is left on the ground like a scrap metal. The game features full real-time controls which make the game fun.