Pot retailers in Oregon have started their first week of legal recreational sales with smashing success, selling more than $11 million of marijuana, trumping first-week profits seen in other states, according to the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association.

In contrast to the $3 million earned in the first week of sales in Colorado and first month sales of $2 million in Washington, Oregon retailers had total sales of $3.5 million by the end of their opening day.

In light of this discovery, a spokesperson for the ORCA predicted that actual sales would "wildly surpass" the state's projections, according to CNN.

The success of Oregon's pot retailers has been attributed to a pre-existing infrastructure formed by the state's medicinal marijuana industry, as 250 stores were ready to sell marijuana to customers since Day 1. In contrast, Colorado had 24 while Washington only had four.

Growing and using marijuana for recreational purposes was legalized on July 1. Customers have unlimited access to cannabis seeds, but may only purchase a fourth of an ounce per day.

The ORCA will be the only company able to track recreational marijuana sales made through Dec. 31. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will enjoy the same privileges later, but it will be unable to do so until the commission begins issuing its own licenses sometime next year.

The OLCC predicts that Oregon will bring in $10.7 million in tax revenue by 2017.