Angelina Jolie turned forty-two on Sunday and had a nice time with her six children. However, they were missing their father Brad Pitt and want him to be part of the celebrations, which seems unlikely as the mother does not find the idea conducive.

It was Angelina Jolie's forty-second birthday on Sunday and she celebrated it with her six children, who were happy for their mother but missed their father Brad Pitt and wanted him to be there, reported Celebrity Insider. Sources say that the children were keen on inviting their father as they are planning another party for her and they would like their father to be present on the occasion. They feel that he ought to be present at the do and are coercing their mother to give the nod.

Notably, Angelina Jolie has been leading an alone life with her six kids after she filed for divorce in Sept. 2016. The kids have been allowed to meet their father on few occasions only and that too under the supervision of a counselor. Nevertheless, they miss their father and have been trying to make their parents reconcile with each other.

In fact, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have also shown some positive signs, of late. It is not that they are planning to reunite but the overt bitterness that marked their statements and remarks last year is pleasantly missing. The two have praised each other in some interviews and have said that their children are the first priority for them and they would do everything that is in their interest.

So, would the mother give in to their children's demands? Well, insiders claim that Angelina Jolie has lent an ear to what the kids have been saying but it seems unlikely that she would give her assent. This is because all the months after the filing of the divorce case have been painful for her and she has tried hard to cope with the bad press and stress. She does not want to face Brad Pitt as it would be emotionally tough on her part.