President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office have been quite tumultuous. True to his style and promise, Trump came down heavily on immigrants and terrorism but on some fronts he did show signs of softening, sometimes even making a big shift in his stands. Controversy has still not left him and it does seem that he is finding it harder to implement his agenda that he had sold with such gusto.

President Donald Trump completed 100 days in office today and in all these days, he kept his promise of being unpredictable, The Washington Post claimed. He could not act the way he had said he would and this brief term has made it pretty clear to him that walking his tough talk is not going to be easy. There have been many instances when he had to backtrack but the good part is that sometimes he also showed signs of adjustment. The political circumstances and his own personal limitations as President seemed to have sobered him to some extent.

President Trump softened his stance on China and no longer does he label the Asian Dragon as currency manipulator. In fact, he declared better trade terms with the country in exchange for mounting pressure on North Korea. His tirade against Export-Import bank also witnessed a U-turn and he also retracted from killing NAFTA. However, immigrants did bear the brunt of Trump's iron hand treatment that came in the form of detention of illegal immigrants and the ban on travel on some Muslim countries.

Climate change saw the most decisive action on Trump's part as he reversed his predecessor's policies but his senior officers do not approve of his idea of pulling off from the Paris climate change agreement. As for foreign policy, Syria and Afghanistan have been at the receiving end of his anti-terror campaign and looks like North Korea could have some big trouble ahead as Trump has said that the US might have a major conflict with the rogue state.