On Tuesday, the President of United States, Donald Trump proposed his first budget, which included major cuts in foreign aid spending in Central America and Mexico. And just like President Trump had said during his election campaign, he proposed a 45 percent cut in foreign aid to Mexico.

The 2018 budget proposal presented by President Donald Trump on Tuesday intends to cut foreign aid spending by $3.6 trillion, over the next decade, Reuters reported. President Trump proposed huge cuts in US foreign aid spending in Central America and Mexico.

The report stated that the budget presented by President Trump suggested a $87.66 million Mexican aid, which is about 45 percent lower than the budget presented in 2016. Notable, since his election campaigns, Mexico has been targeted by President Donald Trump, who had said that he would deport all Mexicans, who are living in the United States without documents, build a southern wall and had also threatened that he would scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement. However, after the huge cut, it is expected that with the meeting that is scheduled to take place in Miami in June, the U.S government might put in some support through the private sector.

It must be mentioned that currently, the number of migrants has drastically decreased, but if President Trump is unable to put his policies in place, the numbers will be back to high figures. Moreover, Mexico is currently struggling due to the rise in the crime rate. And the number of deaths due to drug-related crime stands at 100,000, since 2006.

It must be mentioned that the United States President proposed cuts in aid for the poor people that include programs like Medicaid, entitlements, food stamps, and other anti-poverty schemes. These cuts are most likely to affect people living in the rural areas of the United States.