"The New Mutants" is the first of the movies from the X-Men universe that will be hitting the theaters and viewers can easily expect a unique treat. This is because director Josh Boone has disclosed that it will be a thorough horror film in which they are trying different things.

"The New Mutants" is going to have a different flavor. According to GameSpot, director Josh Boone has said that the film will not be a typical superhero movie. He revealed that there are no costumes and supervillains in "The New Mutants" and they are trying something highly unique in the spin-off. Though Boone refused to speak more about the film, a short synopsis of the film is out in the open.

Sources say that "The New Mutants" revolves around five new mutants who have been held captive in an undisclosed facility. These mutants have to escape the facility but in doing so they will have to overcome the risky side of their personal powers and also overcome their past sins. These mutants are not any superheroes and they are not saving the world. On the contrary, they are saving themselves.

In the meantime, it is said that "The New Mutants" is going to derive a good deal of inspiration from comics based on The New Mutants, IGN has learned. The eighteenth issue of the comics is being created by Bill Sienkiewicz and Josh Boone has already praised it a good deal. The director feels that it is surreal and likened it to the meeting of Stephen King and John Hughes.

He also admired Fox Studio's commitment and interest as it intends to take the X-Men franchise in fresh directions through the spin-offs that it is producing. He said that he loves the fact that Fox is desirous of creating spin-offs that are hugely different from each other. It is worth mentioning here that "The Dead Mutants" will go on floors in July and the film is slated to release on April 13, 2018.