Drake seems to be in for some more trouble from model Sophie Brussaux's side. After claiming to be pregnant with the rapper's child, now she has shared her baby bump photos as well as the sonogram pictures.

A few days back model Sophie Brussaux hit the headlines after she claimed that she was pregnant with Drake's child and now she has done something more to foster her claim. According to Perez Hilton, the model has shared the first photo of her baby bump as well as the sonogram pictures. Also, her publicist Jonathan Hay firmly believes that Drake is the father of the child as the due date of the baby falls in October.

Hay says that Drake's first child could very well become October's very own. The doctors have given Sophie Oct 13 as the due date and since 13 is the lucky number of the rapper, there can be no denying that the child is his. Last but not the least, the conception date firmly points towards Drake being the father.

Notably, some days back Sophie Brussaux had claimed that she was three-and-a-half months pregnant with Drake's child. Though the rapper's rep had rubbished her claims, her statement about the conception date being Jan 21 had fuelled the rumors as he was spotted with her around that time.

Nevertheless, it is not the first time that a model has made such a claim as Layla Lace has done so in the past, claimed TMZ. An Instagram model, she made the claim last month but after some time, all those claims vanished. She deleted all the claims but it is said that she was threatened by Drake to do so.

Drake's reps have denied the allegations saying that her claims were ridiculous at best and did not merit attention from the rapper. They have said that she was doing it for publicity. Well, Lace might have vanished after making claims but an undeterred Sophie Brussaux is making things more public. One wonders what Drake has to say about this.