A Pentagon report reveals that there were 100 civilians who got killed after the U.S. dropped bombs in Mosul, Iraq last March. With this, it has been considered as the largest single incident of civilian deaths since the U.S. started its campaign against ISIS last 2014.

The said investigation said that the bomb that the U.S. dropped caused secondary explosions from the devices which were originally planted by the ISIS members. This then caused the buildings and the different structures to collapse leading to several deaths.

Because of the deaths of these more than 100 civilians, the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS gave their condolences to those victims and affected. As they offered their condolences and sympathy, NBC News reported that they likewise gave assurance that they will continue to protect civilians from harm and the risks caused by the war.

Furthermore, they even said that the best way to protect the civilians is to defeat the ISIS. At first, the U.S. forces denied this but CENETOM later produced a report saying g that the U.S actually struck ISIS fighters in the said area hitting also the places where the civilians stayed.

However, the residents in Mosul, Iraq claimed that there were actually 200 people who died because of the air strike. But the U.S. military made a confirmation that there were only 137 to 140 civilians who got killed during the strike against the ISIS.

Then again, The Guardian reported too that even if the there was only a low estimates of civilian deaths as claimed by the military, it is still considered as the deadliest U.S. airstrike against the civilians since the forces started its operation against the ISIS last 2014 or possible 2003.

Lately, it was just reported that the investigation was already completed as also confirmed by three U.S. military officials. But the said probe was not certain if the civilians were held hostage in the building and if the building were used as a storage facility for the explosives used by ISIS.