Latest reports confirmed that world leaders and representatives from the United Nations as well as some other known organizations met for a special conference in London. It was claimed that the purpose of the meeting and the gathering was to discuss measures and ways to help Somalia.

When these world leaders met in London, reports were claiming that the primary function of the conference was to evaluate the progress of the issues that concern security in Somalia. The said conference was co-chaired by United Kingdom Minister Theresa May.

The said meeting which was held last Thursday was attended by some 40 world leaders across the world. Latin American Herald Tribune reported that one of the primary objectives of the meeting was to draft guidelines to be able to help Somalia to attain prosperity and peace which are directed to achieve by the year 2020.

This is not the first time the world leaders met to discuss things and issues on Somalia since a conference with the same purpose was also held five years back. Therefore, the world leaders likewise made an assessment on the progress of what they talked about during the first summit.

As the crucial meeting was held, some of the points which were discussed were economics, security, humanitarian work, and politics. Since Somalia is facing a crisis right now at those aspects and issues, other countries along with United Nations saw the need to review matters and suggest effective policies.

It can be recalled that one of the pressing issues that Somalia is dealing at the moment is the threat of a terrorist group like the Somali militant group al-Shabab. Many civilians, as well as properties, were greatly affected because of the frequent attacks of these terrorist groups.

Apart from ways on how to protect human rights in Somalia, Relief Web claimed that the world leaders succeeded to discuss things on how the other nations can commit to the goal of helping the said African country for its political reforms. By drafting the guidelines which will be used for the 2020 elections, the world's leaders believed that they can help Somalia become a democratic state.

But in order to suggest effective policies and implement these, some leaders from Somalia also joined the said conference. Through them, UN and the world leaders will be able to determine the constitutional reforms needed.