Fans of "Resident Evil" franchise have some good news as a "Resident Evil" reboot has been confirmed by Martin Moszkowicz, chairman of the Constantin Film board that holds the rights to the film. However, details regarding star cast, director, etc. are still under wraps.

A "Resident Evil" reboot is in the offing. According to Variety, the chairman of Constantin Film board, Martin Moszkowicz has confirmed about work being in progress on the reboot but he did not give out other details about the film. So, it is still not clear if the old faces will be seen again and if the team that worked on the earlier installments would come back to helm the affairs in the "Resident Evil" reboot.

As fans know, the six-film series based on the popular Japanese video game came to an end with the last installment "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter." It wrapped up the story of Alice, the protagonist of the franchise. So, it is a matter of huge speculation as to how would the "Resident Evil" reboot deal with the story.

Also, it is said that Milla Jovovich, who has played the lead in all the movies, will not be seen in the "Resident Evil" reboot, IGN claimed. In fact, Paul W.S. Anderson, the writer of all the six Resident Evil films and also director of four, is unlikely to return for the reboot.

He is already busy in another video game film adaptation called "Monster Hunter." It is also inspired by a Japanese Capcom video game and will be out in the theaters by the end of this year or in early 2018. Nevertheless, fans would be happy that a "Resident Evil" reboot is happening.

It is worth mentioning here that the "Resident Evil" film franchise took off in 2002 and came to an end in 2016. The film franchise is based on the Japanese video game of the same name that was launched in 1996 by Capcom.