Chris Cornell committed suicide by hanging himself. This has been confirmed by the tests that were conducted after his death but a complete autopsy report is still awaited on the singer's suicide who is survived by his wife and three children.

Chris Cornell, who died yesterday, has been confirmed to have committed suicide. According to US Weekly, the tests conducted on his dead body have affirmed that the 52-year-old-singer died after he hung himself. Nevertheless, a complete report is awaited in the matter as the full autopsy report has not been completed. A Wayne County official said that they do not have any further information at present.

Notably, Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room's bathroom just one hour after performing live at a packed concert in Detroit. His wife had called one of his friends to check on him and it was his friend who broke open the room of the singer and then saw him lying on the floor of his bathroom. He called the police and the medical team pronounced him dead after arriving on the scene.

What is striking is that the last performance of Cornell had a song that talked about death, The Sun claimed. The song list posted by his fans on social media says that it was the 1991 song "Slaves and Bulldozers." The lyrics of the song talk about dying alone and a yearning to be left without mourning. The singer asks for his dead body to be taken home so that he can die easily.

Well, fans of Chris Cornell would look into the references of the song but the fact is that his family is left shell-shocked by his sudden demise. His spokesperson has said that his wife Vicky and children were completely taken aback by his unexpected death. Nevertheless, they have thanked his fans for their support and have requested for privacy in these hard times.