Willem-Alexander, the monarch of Netherlands has recently admitted in an interview that he is passionate about flying aircrafts and he has been co-piloting for KLM. Moreover, he has been performing his role as a co-pilot for the last 21 years and without his passengers knowing that it is the Dutch King who is there in the cockpit.

Dutch King Willem-Alexander revealed in an interview that he has been secretly working as the co-pilot for KLM. He also stated that for the last 21 years, he has been acting as a co-pilot and it is twice every month that he takes his seat in the cockpit alongside the pilot, CNN reported. Moreover, it was almost 30 years back that he flew for the first time, when he was still a student.

During his interview, the reigning monarch of Netherlands further revealed that his hobby of flying an aircraft gives him the opportunity to take his mind off other tasks and concentrate on something that he has in hand. So far, he has flown the Fokker for KLM Cityhopper and also the government for shorter haul flights and with mostly business travellers.

The King of Netherlands further added during his interview that with his uniform and cap, his passengers never recognized him, apart from a few instances where his voice was identified by his passengers. Moreover, he always skipped mentioning his name while welcoming the passengers on board.

According to reports from BBC, the Dutch government will be replacing the aircrafts with Boeing 737. And since the Dutch King harbors the dream of flying a bigger aircraft, with more passengers and for a distant destination, the next few months, will have him training to learn how to fly a 737. Notably, prior to

Notably, Willem-Alexander shares his passion for flying with other royalty as well and it includes names like Price Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, the Sultan of Brunei and also King Abdullah of Jordan, who are trained pilots.