The Australian government was giving a certain UFO group an indication that it might stop giving financial support anytime to them. With this, the UFO enthusiasts were pleading the government not to do this but will provide more proofs that terrestrial activities actually happen on Earth.

The recent reports have confirmed that a certain group named Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group is receiving grants from Australia's Social Services. However, the Minister of the Social Services, Christian Porter was surprised upon learning that the group has been receiving funds since 2013.

According to BBC News, the said UFO group has already received A$6,000 worth of funds since 2013 to support volunteers with disabilities. Because of this, Mr. Christian Porter stopped the giving of funds and payment to the group because of some suspicious causes.

Mr. Porter said that he ordered the stop of the funding because he needs more information and details about the aims and the nature of the said UFO group. He further shared that although these UFO enthusiasts seem to be very nice people, still, the purpose did not pass a common sense test.

The minister added that even if there are a lot of people and volunteers who are benefiting from the group, he still doesn't get the idea why the government needs to spend on things like UFOs. Since the money come from taxpayers of the country, Mr. Porter contended that it will all be useless if the finances will be spent on things like looking for the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

With this, the UFO group is still hoping that they will keep the funding and support from the government despite the controversy. It already has 800 members on its social media account with the purpose of sharing information and supporting network regarding UFO and related matters.

Perhaps, the government of Australia is demanding the group to provide more details about them as well as additional proofs that UFOs really exist. Moreover, The Australian reported that Mr. Porter has been claiming that even if the group has provided a lot of UFO sightings already, still they want to know more about the group.

Meanwhile, a representative of the Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group said that they can justify how the funds are being used. It was then made known to the public that the group needs to pick up elderly people to take to meetings, to purchase microphones and projectors in order to better facilitate their activities.