It is a known fact that the amount of non-renewable energy on this planet earth is not unlimited. Therefore, sooner or later this source of energies will run out and it will cause a huge blackout throughout the world. Therefore, it is really mandatory to take proper precautions in order to deal with such blackouts. One of the best precautions is correct set up of renewable energies. 

When it comes to the renewable energies, solar energy is considered as a very crucial source of energy. From the last couple of decades, scientists are trying really hard in order to extract a significant source of energy from the Sun. Now it looks like, Scientists have are ready to set up the world's largest solar panel in Australia.

The solar field will have 3.4 million solar panels and at the same time, it will have 1.1 million individual batteries as well. Therefore, it can be understood that how much big this solar field would be. It is expected that the solar field will be really efficient when it comes to the powering up the buildings. In fact, it can power up thousands of buildings with ease.

According to The Guardian, the solar farm will have the capacity to produce electricity of 330 Mega Watts. This amount of energy is very efficient when it comes to powering up tens of thousands of houses. The solar firm will also have the holding capacity of 100 Mega Watts as well.

The solar farms will cover up the area of 4,000 square meters. It is estimated that it will take approximately $1 bn when it comes to constructing the panel. Primarily, it is expected that the solar panel will be very much useful in Southern Australian areas. At the same time, it is expected that the solar panel will be efficient when it comes to covering the blackouts in the Southern Australia.