Dinosaurs have been known to be extinct nowadays. Yet, people still scour pieces of evidence of their existence. Recently, tracks of dinosaurs were reported to be discovered in Western Australia and are said to be the world’s largest.

According to The Guardian, the largest collection of diverse dinosaur footprints was found in along Kimberley shoreline in a region of Western Australia. The said footprints were said to belong to 21 different types of dinosaur. Hence it was dubbed as the country’s very own “Australia’s Jurassic Park.”

The dinosaur footprints were said to be found on the shorelines’ sandstone rock. But, some are only visible at low tide. Along the discovered tracks were 1.7-meter prints left by some giant dinosaurs. On the other hand, the largest dinosaur footprint alone still stands at a 106 cm at the Mongolian desert as it was discovered last year.

University of Queensland vertebrate paleontologist Steve Salisbury then stated that “We’ve got several tracks up in that area that are about 1.7 meters long. So most people would be able to fit inside tracks that big, and they indicate animals that are probably around 5.3 to 5.5 meters at the hip, which is enormous.”

Salisbury then mentioned that the tracks were thousands. “Of these, 150 can confidently be assigned to 21 specific track types, representing four main groups of dinosaurs.” Footprints from Diplodocus-like herbivores sauropods, two-legged herbivore ornithopod dinosaurs were found to be the largest discovered. Yet, among the tracks were also found to be from six types of armored dinosaurs.

Salisbury then further stated on Fox News that the discovered dinosaur tracks were indeed "globally unparalleled” and had the findings published in Memoir of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. Thus, he added that the discovery was also evidence of the stegosaurus’ existence in Australia. While there were also some that are considered as some of the world’s largest recorded dinosaur tracks.