Latest reports suggested that energy drinks are not actually good for people suffering from genetic heart condition as this will only worsen their condition. This has been proven and confirmed by a new research from Australia.

Originally, people thought that energy drinks are good for all and that these are not actually risky for anyone. But with the new study, experts are now giving caution to those who suffer from genetic heart condition not to consume this kind of drink.

According to Live Science, the researchers asked 24 people to participate in the study and they are the ones who have inherited QT Syndrome which is a condition that could trigger irregular and abnormal heartbeats. According to, these respondents were asked to drink two sugar-free energy drinks plus a control drink which came in the form of juice.

However, these participants were not told if they consumed the energy drink or the control drink. When the researchers checked the results, they later found out that those who consumed energy drink have a significant increase in their blood pressure.

Apart from that, the researchers also found out that after consuming the energy drinks, there among the 24 participants experienced an increase in a part of their heartbeat's electrical cycle. Even if it was previously mentioned that this doesn't lead to any problems and troubles, it could somehow make a person exposed to life-threatening irregular heartbeats.

Because of the result of the study, some cardiologists are already telling those people with long QT syndrome to take some extra care and precautions most especially in consuming energy drinks. According to Health Day, this is not the first time this was proven since previous researches already established the relation of energy drinks to heart problems.

But two cardiologists from the Center for Cardiac Arrhythmias of Genetic Origin in Milan, Italy gave some of their opinions regarding the said study. They shared that the findings of the study need careful deliberation since people with the syndrome do not usually know that they have the problem right away.