Angelina Jolie just got in some quality time with one of her children, Shiloh at the Renaissance Faire in Irwindale, South California. Like what most people were asking, Brad Pitt was not with them despite reported reconciliation between the former couple.

The actress-director just spent some quality time with her daughter Shiloh as the said faire together with some kids and children. Witnesses were not sure if those kids are Shiloh's friends or just acquaintances. Apart from this, a group of bodyguards also followed the two around the event.

Apart from spending quality time with her daughter, some witnesses said that Angelina Jolie looked happier throughout the course of the said event. According to TMZ, these people even added that Brad Pitt's former wife even spent time talking and smiling with other people present there.

When it has something to do with her kids, Angelina Jolie wants to make sure that she attends immediately to their needs. Despite a very controversial and bitter divorce and separation, the actress is making certain that her children will be her priority among others.

Of course, as expected, people were wondering if Brad Pitt was with Angelina Jolie and Shiloh at the said event. But to their dismay, the actor was nowhere in sight since maybe it was just a time and bond between the mother and her daughter.

Speaking of time with their children, Brad Pitt is also doing everything so he can get in more time with them. After the split, the actor is reportedly struggling on how he misses his kids as Angelina Jolie just allowed limited time for him and the kids. But now, it looks like things turned for the better as Mirror reported that he now gets to spend more time with them compared before.

Previous reports claimed that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were thinking of reconciling for the sake of their six children. With that, fans and people were also wondering if that reported reconciliation also included romantic reunion.