The National Basketball Association or popularly known as NBA just confirmed that it will open the NBA Academy India. As to the latest reports, this is an elite basketball training center located at Jaypee Greens Integrated Sports Complex in Delhi National Capital Region.

With the recent reports, this program is intended for all the top female and male prospects in India and they were selected using rigid process. And out of this process, 21 males were chosen after they passed the three-month countrywide basketball talent search.

As part of the program, NBA assured that these 21 male elite prospects will receive scholarship and training at the NBA Academy India. Considering the previous reports, it was claimed that this is the first time this kind of academy has been made available in India.

Basketball is also widely accepted in India as most of the young people in the country are devoting their past times playing the game which originated in America. That's why there is no doubt that NBA had considered instituting the said academy in one of the most populous countries in the world.

To mark the opening of the said academy in India, NBA prepared different kinds of exciting activities like the traditional Indian lamp lighting ceremony and the in court practices. The event was attended by two main NBA officials NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum and the Managing Director of NBA India, Yannick Colaco.

As the 21 male elite prospects will engage in the activities that NBA Academy India offers, they shall take advantage of the 360-degree approach to player development. This technique does not only compose of the proper basketball skills but along with other important life skills like character development, education, and leadership.

Apart from those skills and training, Reuters reported that the male prospects will also engage in different competitions like basketball tournaments in the local and national level. And it their performance will be exemplary, they will be selected to get a chance to play in the international tournaments.

Lastly, Tatum shared that the opening of NBA Academy in India serves as a groundbreaking mark for basketball in their country. With this, the country is now more motivated to put more commitment to enhancing the talents of their youth.