Kyle Lowry, the all-star point guard of Toronto Raptors might not play in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series, scheduled on Friday, due to his sprained left ankle. Though the player is optimistic that he will be able to return to the court, the team's coach is a bit less confident.

Toronto Raptors' all-star point guard, Kyle Lowry might not be a part of Game 3 of Eastern Conference semifinal series against Cleveland Cavaliers, scheduled on Friday. This is because he sprained his left ankle after bumping into another player and falling down during Wednesday's match with the Cavaliers. Moreover, the sprained ankle also kept him away from Thursday's practice session, NBA reported.

Notably, it is only after some more tests that the severity of the sprain will be determined and a decision on whether Lowry will return for Friday's Game 3 will be taken. Dwane Casey, the coach of Toronto Raptors, is however not sure whether Lowry will be able to play on Friday and while speaking to reporters, he said that Kyle Lowry is now being listed under questionable players for the upcoming game against Cleveland Cavaliers, Fansided noted.

However, Lowry is optimistic that he will be able to return in Game 3. And, if he is able to walk before the game is scheduled, he might make his way into the court, but how he is able to perform and that too for how long is another matter altogether.

If Lowry is unable to make it to the game, Corey Joseph will be replacing him. However, it must be mentioned that with Lowry's absence, the scoring burden will fall on DeMar DeRozan. It also remains to be seen, how he is able to perform and score, considering Cavaliers's effort in stifling him.