Sunday saw the Washington Wizards winning the game against Boston Celtics. And while the Wizards were celebrating, Celtics' all-star Isaiah Thomas raised concern towards the judgment of the referees as they allowed the physical game of the Wizards.

According to reports from ESPN, Boston Celtics' all-star Isaiah Thomas said in an interview that the referees allowed the physical game of the Washington Wizards. And even though he was held and grabbed throughout the game, the third quarter was the worst, but the referees made all of these unseen. He further clarified that this was surely not the reason of their loss, but it is about what is allowed and what is not on the court.

Notably, in the Celtic's Game 2 victory, Thomas scored 53 points but on Sunday he bagged just 13 points and in the first 13 minutes he had five 3-pointers. However in the second half, during his 12 minutes floor time, he could attempt only 3 shots of which, he missed two, ABC reported. The third quarter saw the Wizards dominating on the court, which paved a way for their win with 121-102 points and a series tie of 2-2.

Moreover, he also admitted that for the past two games, it was the Wizards who had an upper hand on him, which also kind of limited him from giving his best on the court. He was also forced to play on the defensive side. He further revealed, in his interview that, inspite of everything, he kept on playing his attacking game and with much aggression no matter he got the whistle or not.

It must be mentioned here that Scott Brooks, the Washington Wizards coach said that though they made a couple of mistakes. But, they have been discussing things after Game 2 as they needed a good game plan and also its execution on the court to win.