Former NBA star, Brandon Roy was shot in the leg during a shooting in Compton. The former Portland Trail Blazers player was trying to protect some of the kids who were there. The reason of shooting is yet to be known.

Brandon Roy, former NBA star was injured in a shooting, just outside his grandmother's house in Compton. Along with the former Portland Trail Blazers player, three other men were also injured. Notably, all the four injured were attending some kind of a gathering, when two men walked up and opened fire, without reason. In an attempt to shield a few children present on the spot, Roy got hit in his leg, CBS Sports reported. The motive behind the shooting is also unknown.

For the Trail Blazers, Roy was a star shooting guard, who was picked in 2006. He had even won the NBA's Rookie of the Year award in the year, 2007. Moreover, he was also named, three times in a row to the Western Conference All-Star Team. However a chronic knee injury required him to retire from the game in 2011, LA Times reported.

Currently, Roy was acting as the coach at Seattle's Nathan Hale High School. Notably, in the year 2016, he was named the Naismith High School Coach Of The Year for leading his team to an undefeated season. On Wednesday, a statement was also released by the Portland Trail Blazers, wishing the former NBA star to get well soon.

Coming back to the Compton shooting, the high school where Roy is a coach, did not get back with responses for Additional comments. Also, no arrests have been made so far but the four injured, along with Brandon Roy, who were admitted to the area hospital, have now been discharged. Roy is currently recovering in his Washington home.